Need help about the schema creation for reverse Edge

I have a problem on schema creation.
I would like to define relationship between phone calls. It is direct graph, but also need to support query reverse edges.
Phone number is an entity, and the uid could be queried by phone number. So I defined the schema like this: phone_number: string @index(exact) .
It works fine if query all direct edges from given phone number. But it does not work to query the reverse edge.

How can I modify the schema to support reverse edge query?
Thank you very much.

I have worked out myself
The schema could define as

        String schema =
                "   phone_number:  string   @index(exact) .\n"
                        + "   called:      uid @reverse  .\n"
                        + "   contact:     uid @reverse  .\n"
                        + "   is_black:    int      @index(int)  .\n";

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