Need help on calculating cluster nodes needed for my project

We are developing a new database using DGraph, we need to estimate the number of nodes needed for our project. Is there a way to estimate that before starting development?

What do you mean by nodes? entities or Dgraph instances?


Hi Michael,

I mean cluster nodes. For which they charge 3000 per node in DGraph Enterprise Edition

See below URL :-



Hum, are you going to build another DB on top Dgraph? or did you meant use Dgraph as the DB of your project?

Not for sure - it depends a lot. In general, is good to test it up with the community version what are your needs. I think 12 Nodes are good for a production application.

Thanks Michael, but the question is do you have any idea on how can I calculate number of nodes. Is it based on DB size or number of cores (like me sql)?

I don’t. but I’ll ping someone who could check this for you.

@neerajgarg2604 A node is a Dgraph process (e.g., a Dgraph Zero or Dgraph Alpha).

The minimum Dgraph cluster is a 2-node cluster (1 Zero, 1 Alpha). If you need high-availability, then you’d run a 6-node cluster (3 Zeros, 3 Alphas).

Dgraph is horizontally scalable, so depending on your needs you can run more Dgraph Alphas to scale out.