New Async client in Rust

Hi friends,

we are happy to use Dgraph in our production systems since v1.0.0.
We would like to contribute to Dgraph community by new asynchronous client in Rust.
If you have interest check our repo on GitHub.

We are going to support this client for long time and we’ll appreciate your feedback.

:wave: Hi! My name is Zhenni, and I work on the marketing team at Dgraph. Firstly, thank you for creating the client in Rust! I can see how it can be useful for other developers in the community. We’re glad to hear that you’re using Dgraph for production. Me and my colleague @dereksfoster99 are working on a project to learn more about our open source users, and we’d love to schedule a call with you if you are open to it. We want to make sure we provide the best support for our open source users and the best product experience. Please let me know if you’re interested!

Hi Zhenni,

I’m pleased to answer your questions, but it will be easier if you send them to roman.selmeci [at]

Great! @dereksfoster99 from our team will reach out to your email address, and maybe we can schedule a call? :grinning:

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