Node.JS client driver for DGraph?

Are there any plans or progress in development of a Node.JS Language Driver? Since JavaScript is the language of the web and many developers are switching to Node.JS it would by great if we could access DGraph from Node.JS using JavaScript…

Any movement on this?


Hey @pmualaba,

So, we have a /query endpoint, which is what we use from our Javascript. It takes GraphQL and outputs JSON.

Would that not work with Node.js?

Sure, i will try that once 0.7 is released. could you please release a 0.7 docker image as well?


Would the /query endpoint have a performance penalty over a dedicated grpc native client library for Node.JS?

We have optimized our Json output. Also, the output is more readily consumable via JavaScript. So, I’d recommend using it, and if you feel the performance isn’t that good, you can switch to grpc.

I haven’t checked, but if there’s a way to keep http connections alive, we could look into it.

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