Node outage caused by mutation exception

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What I want to do

Create 30 million nodes.

What I did

The user’s Java client submits mutation. 15000 nodes are created each time, and now 4 million nodes are created. When submitting again, an exception occurs.
Schema file:schemaFile (1.1 KB)
Each mutation will submit 5000 mutation information:mutation-set-info (1.3 KB)

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version

Mutation error log:mutation-error (174.3 KB)

After I restart the service, the exported data is also abnormal:
export-error (3.7 KB)

Can you share more details about your cluster?
What OS, how much RAM, what type of storage, profiles

What is the frequency of your mutations? how big is the RDF?

hey @musiciansLyf , can you check if you have disk space? The sigbus error is usually caused when is no free space left on the disk.

Thank you for your guidance. I really have a problem caused by the insufficient disk space of the stand-alone deployment cluster.

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It’s really caused by insufficient disk space. Thank you for your reminding.

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