Not able to debug Dgraph with GOLAND

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What I want to do

I want to debug the Dgraph GO code using GOLAND.

What I did

1.Installed required dependencies as mentioned in file
2.Opened the project in GOLAND and configured the alpha mode in debug configuration.

Dgraph metadata


I am not able to stop the process at the debugger. I have also checked if enable debugger is off. But it is also working fine. I am able to debug my other GO projects. But in Dgraph case i am not able to do. Please help.

I never used Goland. But for sure there is some tutorials out there or blogs that you can google out about this topic. It should be easy if Goland supports Delve. If you wanna debug Dgraph, we have the debug configuration for VsCode at dgraph/.vscode at main · dgraph-io/dgraph · GitHub you can just clone the repo and use VsCode. It is no-brainer to use it.