Not reusing HTTP2 connections results in significant waits/blocks

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32G, Ubuntu

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Run (with a blocking profiler) a relatively complex app with multiple threads and many queries and mutations to Dgraph. In my case calls to transport.NewHTTP2Client become over 60% of the app waits, with over 90K reconnects in a couple of minutes runtime. A simpler way to test this is to e.g. fire off 5 queries and see that NewHTTP2Client will be called 5 times.

Understanding why this is occuring is confusing due to the complex structure of the grpc library. I think its happening in the call to, “/api.Dgraph/Query”, in, out, opts…) on the *dgraphClient Query method, as that calls grpc.invoke which calls newClientStream. But there i get a bit lost.

Expected behaviour and actual result.

HTTP2 connections are reused across queries

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Additional info, I am reusing a single client across all threads and connecting in the typical way according to the docs, it just appears that the dgrah client generates a new connection per query

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Which port are you using and are you using the gRPC protocol rather than the REST protocol?

yes grpc on the 9080 endpoint. For this test i used snappy compression, grpc.MaxCallRecvMsgSize(500mb), grpc.MaxCallSendMsgSize(500mb), and no TLS. Ill check with all these options disabled today but looking at the code I think this happens in a purely default scenario. Thanks.

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My working hypothesis is its a quirk of DGO using gogoprotobuf which was deprecated in 2022 due to some nasty incompatibities with standard grpc ( I tried regenerating the protos in a fork but i think it no longer runs?

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