Not Zero leader. Aborting proposal: member : while removing node using admin endpoint

What I want to do

I want to delete the One node using Admin endpoint. My Alpha 3 got crashed and not starting

What I did

I have invoked the below get from the postman

Response :
“errors”: [


        "message": "Not Zero leader. Aborting proposal: member:<id:3 group_id:1 am_dead:true > ",

        "extensions": {

            "code": "Error"




} : is My Alpha1 and Zero 1 IP address.

I have started My Zeros and Alphas using below commands

nohup dgraph zero --replicas=3 --raft idx=1 --my= &
nohup dgraph zero --replicas=3 --raft idx=2 --my= --peer= &
nohup dgraph zero --replicas=3 --raft idx=3 --my= --peer= &

nohup dgraph alpha --my= --zero= --security whitelist= &
nohup dgraph alpha --my= --zero= --security whitelist= &
nohup dgraph alpha --my= --zero= --security whitelist= &

Dgraph metadata

dgraph version

Dgraph version : v21.03.2
Dgraph codename : rocket-2
Dgraph SHA-256 : 00a53ef6d874e376d5a53740341be9b822ef1721a4980e6e2fcb60986b3abfbf
Commit SHA-1 : b17395d33
Commit timestamp : 2021-08-26 01:11:38 -0700
Branch : HEAD
Go version : go1.16.2
jemalloc enabled : true

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If you have 3 zeros, one is the leader. You made your request to a non-leader. The /state endpoint will show who the leader is, or you can try all 3.

Thanks for Reply.
I have made request on leader, node has removed but still my zero server is showing and my primary alpha trying to connect removed node.

Oh no that sounds like what led me to this horrible experience: Raft group cannot pass leader election (specifically when I lost the second member of that group much later)

If you can take an export and rebuild do it now.