Order desc returning no results with cascade and first

  • [ X] SlashGraphQL v21.03.0-78-ge4ad0b113

I’m running a query that’s using a parametrized cascade ordering and should return the first 25 results. The query works as expected when using descending order for items but returns nothing when using ascending order. I think the order of operations is not being performed as I would expect it.


query MyQuery {
  sellerQuery: queryProduct(order: { asc: updatedAt }, first: 25)
    @cascade(fields: ["owner"]) {
      filter: { name: { regexp: "/.*ade.*/" }, or: { email: { regexp: "/.*ade.*/" } } }
    ) {

The only change between queries is changing desc to asc.

There is known issues with using cascade and pagination together however you do it.

Do you know if there’s an estimated timeline/plan to resolve it?

Go read some of the other posts. All developers resign Dgraph Labs a few days ago and are spinning up some fork ideas (outcaste?) So until whoever is in charge at Dgraph Labs steps forward with any information at all, I would not expect any future fixes/enhancements to Dgraph. There is a discord server where Manish has been talking through some ideas and it sounds interesting. So no, AFAIK there is NO active development or bug fixes planned for Dgraph at this time.

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screaming crying and throwing up

And just for the latest official update from “Dgraph Labs” for the full picture:

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