Pinning data graphs to nodes?

Hi All,

I am investigating Dgraph for possible use in a project and have been able to setup a private cluster to test some things but had a question.

As each node is running on a different machine, I am assuming that the graph is spread out across all of the nodes.

I am wondering about if it is possible to create individual graphs such that a specific graph can be tied to a specific node without being spread out across the other Alpha nodes by the Zero node?

I am thinking about a multi-tenant ecommerce site where you have multiple stores and you want to have one store on each node with the data graph, but still have each node graph accessible so that other nodes can search that graph.

Or, is there just now way to do this and all of the individual merchant stores data has no choice but to be spread out across all of the nodes?

I’m trying to get it clear in my mind as to what capabilities Dgraph might, or might not, be able to handle in this way.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Not possible. Dgraph uses the whole cluster for any data inserted.

Not possible. As you mentioned.

Really not possible. Tenants are isolated.

Dgraphs implementation on tenants is unlike other databases where a tenant equals a database and one query can span across several databases. In Dgraphs tenant implementation you only have access to one tenant of data at a time. I wish this would get changed later on though and allow there to be users created that can have access to multiple tenants and query those tenants as one, but schema design is the going to be the biggest challenge with that one.