Plans to extend geo data type to include altitude?

The RFC spec for GeoJSON defines an optional altitude as a third “coordinates” parameter. The application I’m currently working on requires storing altitude, and it would be really nice for native support of this feature, such that I wouldn’t have to represent altitude and lat/lon values using separate predicates then always handling altitude separately.

What I want to do

I’d like to be able to represent 3D lat/lon/alt points using the native geo type, enabling me to upload GeoJSON points with the optional third altitude parameter and largely simplifying my code. The docs here mention the geo type is represented using the go-geom package which supports 2D as well as 3D geometries, it would be really nice to have 3D available in DGraph.

What I did

Currently representing points something like this:

<altitude>: float .
<location>: geo @index(geo) .
type Node {

Then I’m loading this into a microservice written in go, would be ideal to unmarshal Node objects directly into a geojson struct that supports 3D points, rather than having to represent altitude and lat/lon points separately both in DGraph and in my go code.

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