Please help, the predefined UID got replaced

Hi there,

I am importing data from our old system to Dgraph. Since we have already used an unique identifier for an object, I would like to use this as UID.

this is how the triples look like:

<EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB> <creator> <user103> .

<EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB> <owner> <user103>

I used bulk loader and loaded the data with success. But when I query uid , it is “0x3311bb1” instead of “EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB”. What should I do?

Add a string to hold that ID. e.g.

<EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB> <creator> <user103> .

<EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB> <owner> <user> .
<EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB> <CustomID> "EA78B173-0A22-47A1-B5F9-F0C0D2B369FB" .

Add an index to CustomID and search for it.

My intension is to use this string as UID. Is that possible ?

No, Dgraph’s UIDs are different from yours. You’re using UUID.

Thanks for the fast reply!

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