Position of @lang tags and multiple setting

Is there a meaninful / functional difference between:

_:luke <name> "Łukasz"@pl .


_:luke <name@pl> "Łukasz" .

also is setting multiple languages on the same edge possible like this?

_:luke <name> "Luke Friendless"@en "Łukasz Samotny"@pl .

That’s not possible. In the lang part, Dgraph follows closely to the W3C standard. And I don’t think we would change this behavior soon.

This format above doesn’t exist in the RDF standard as far as I know.

Also, this last example is really out of RDF syntax scope. It has to be like:

_:luke <name> "Luke Friendless"@en .
_:luke <name> "Łukasz Samotny"@pl .

BTW, our parser works with very simple n-triples format. Things like turtle RDF and other standards won’t work.

I don’t know anything about the standard, but
from my tests this syntax does seems to work:

_:luke <name@pl> "Łukasz" .

and for the multi lang setting in one line, my test confirms that it is not possible.

So I half concur ; )

It does work cuz it is just a predicate the “at” will be converted to lang, but that isn’t RDF compliant. You won’t see this format in an exported RDF for example. This is like “bug feature”.

But the multi values in a single line won’t work at all.