Query All nodes of a graph irrespective of the edge directions from any other node

Hey Guys,
Can anyone help here ? I went through the documentation, but didn’t find any thing.
I have a graph like below with the below types. Can I query all the nodes of this graph from any other node. There can be more nodes. The direction doesn’t matter here.


type IdNode {
  idval: string 
  idtype: string
  ts: int 
  conn: [IdNode] 
idval: string @index(exact) .


	set {
		_:uuid1 <idval> "uuid1" .
		_:uuid1 <idval> "uuid" .
		_:uuid1 <dgraph.type> "IdNode" .
		_:uuid1 <ts> "12313223211" .
		_:uuid1 <conn> _:gm1 .
		_:gm1 <idval> "mygmail.com" .
		_:gm1 <idtype> "gmail" .
		_:gm1 <dgraph.type> "IdNode" .
		_:gm1 <ts> "12313223213" .
		_:uuid2 <idval> "uuid2" .
		_:uuid2 <idtype> "uuid" .
		_:uuid2 <dgraph.type> "IdNode" .
		_:uuid2 <ts> "12313223212" .
		_:uuid2 <conn> _:gm1 .
		_:uuid3 <idval> "uuid3" .
		_:uuid3 <idtype> "uuid" .
		_:uuid3 <dgraph.type> "IdNode" .
		_:uuid3 <ts> "12313223212" .
		_:uuid3 <conn> _:uuid2 .
		_:eid <idval> "eid" .
		_:eid <idtype> "eid" .
		_:eid <dgraph.type> "IdNode" .
		_:eid <ts> "12313223212" .
		_:eid <conn> _:uuid1 .
		_:fb <idval> "fb.com" .
		_:fb <idtype> "fb" .
		_:fb <dgraph.type> "IdNode" .
		_:fb <ts> "12313223212" .
		_:fb <conn> _:uuid1 .

Find all the nodes of this cluster from any other node ?
Find all the nodes of this cluster of specific idtype type from this cluster.

For the statement “from any” you can use recurse query https://dgraph.io/docs/query-language/#recurse-query. Also you have to use reverse edges https://dgraph.io/docs/query-language/#reverse-edges

(func: eq(idtype, "eid"))