Query for a node, filtering using uid of child nodes (relations)

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Posted by PraveenKumarPalai:

If have a schema “Like” that has relations to User Schema(user_id) and Post Schema(object_id). How ca I query for the “Like” nodes that have user_id = (some_uid) and object_id = (some_uid).

paulftw commented :

@PraveenKumarPalai your question is about the query language and not specific to dgraph-js.

Support Engineers and Community will be happy to help you if you post your setup and requirements to https://discuss.dgraph.io/

I’m closing the issue as it’s outside the scope of the client library

PraveenKumarPalai commented :

Thanks @paulftw! Do we have a slack channel for these type of discussions?

MichelDiz commented :

Here https://dgraph.slack.com

PraveenKumarPalai commented :

Here https://dgraph.slack.com

Can you send me an invite. I am not able to login.
email: praveen@impulsiveweb.com

danielmai commented :

Hey @PraveenKumarPalai, I sent you an invite to our Slack community. Welcome!

PraveenKumarPalai commented :

Thanks @danielmai :slight_smile: