Query list and upsert list

What I want to do

give a list of nodes,and batch upsert them

What I did

query1 func(eq(name,“alice”)) { resuid1 as uid)

query2 func(eq(name,“alice2”)) { resuid2 as uid)

query3 func(eq(name,“alice3”)) { resuid3 as uid)


What I want:
query fun(eq(name,[“alice”,“alice2”])) { auto generated aliases}

Then i only modify set-jsons in each person’s uid field like “uid”:"_:auto_alias1"

Is. There any way to simplyfy batch upsert json?

It is not clear what you are trying to do. Can you clarify?
Based in what I got. Sounds like it is not possible. There’s no loops like “for each” in DQL.

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