Query the state of the database at any time in the past

Is it possible for an end user to query the state of the database at any time in the past using the GraphQL±?

A normal query would fetch the latest values from Dgraph. A client could also specify a startTs to fetch the values from an earlier timestamp. Access to earlier timestamps disappears over time to make space for newer values.

i dont understand, can you define past?
i thought all records stored are considerred permanent especially datetime field?

@qiuwei is querying the previous versions of the database a feature you’d like? This is currently not possible, but we could add a flag that would make it possible to query across all the different versions. Currently Dgraph cleans up stale versions to make space for new ones.

@u007 I’m my previous post I was referring to the MVCC model used in Dgraph. Every transaction creates a new version of the database that can be referred to by its timestamp. I was not referring to how data is stored or any particular predicate types.

i see :). so its about the old data / some kind of versions of the data

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