Questions related to the usage of GraphQL

Where can GraphQL be used for? Can we use GraphQL with Microsoft Technologies such as .Net/MVC and with technologies like Angular? Is it a replacement for Web API and web services?

Hi @Parth, Welcome to the Dgraph community. I request you to go through this article which explains our experience building a database over GraphQL.

In short, GraphQL helps clients to define their data requirements. Earlier with REST APIs, clients face the issues of under fetching or over fetching. But with the GraphQL now clients can define a strongly typed system for their data requirements. Another advantage is that your client will work in accordance with application views thus simplifying data processing on the client-side.

As a query language, GraphQL shows great value in terms of graph databases. It’s easy, strongly typed, graph-based query structure, etc. We at Dgraph are committed to provided GraphQL spec compliant support to our users. You can check our documentation for more implementation details.

Though GraphQL is relatively new (developed in 2012 and open-sourced in 2015), it has great community support. Almost all languages including .NET and Angular have support for writing GraphQL queries. If you face any issues with Dgraph and GraphQL, do raise your doubts. Dgraph community will be happy to help.


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