Ratel breaks when changing server URL

If I edit the server URL the app breaks and a white screen is shown. Tried it on play.dgraph.io and on our own ratel deployment.

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Hi @Pepo, thanks for reporting. I can see the issue on my end as well. It looks like a bug. I have raised an issue with the Ratel project.

I am curious to know why did you need to change the URL in the prompt. In the meanwhile can you try changing URL on this: https://play.dgraph.io/?local

Could not reproduce the exact copy/paste bug, but on my system Ratel was crashing when server URL is set to an empty string.

Fix has been pushed to prod. Please let me know if you are still seeing similar or any other issue

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Thanks @paulftw, looks like the issue is resolved. @Pepo can you confirm this once at your end as well?

Yes, its working on play.dgraph.io! We have not tested on our local deploy yet.

Sure, tell us if it fails again.