RDF N-Quads are not absolute

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What I want to do

So when you export your graph into RDF it looks like this in the file:
<0x80db9> “RT Al: A grocery store in the port district of Mina put a sign that it’s closed till the exchange rate stabilizes. They know the…”^^xs:string <0x0> .

But when you try to import this into another graphdb other than DGraph, it looks like everyone requires absolute IRIs. (aka, http://something/0x80db9 instead of just 0x80db9).

Is there a secret option to export a different RDF format?

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Yes, Dgraph’s RDF format is a custom format. I call it “RDF-D” hehehe.
In general, IRIs are used to record contextual data(that’s why DBs that are RDF storage gets bigger) to use in for example Ontology data. The RDF was created in a context where XML was a “thing”. So you will see a lot of XML syntax similarities in all RDFs formats out there.

Dgraph’s RDF is more close to N-Triples. And now we have the addition of the namespace in the end <0x0>.

Not sure, in the next release the clients will be able to throw RDF instead of just JSON. I think that RDF is without the namespace info. But just that.

There’s no other RDF format you can export.