Received trailing metadata size exceeds limit with .net core client

Hi everyone,
i am new in Dgraph and i’m using .NET Core C# Client (GitHub - MichaelJCompton/Dgraph-dotnet: .Net client for Dgraph) to connect Dgraph Server, query and mutation data.
I’m facing with problem: {ExceptionalError with Message='Status(StatusCode=ResourceExhausted, Detail="received trailing metadata size exceeds limit")', Exception='Grpc.Core.RpcException: Status(StatusCode=ResourceExhausted, Detail="received trailing metadata size exceeds limit") at DgraphDotNet.GRPCConnection.Query(Request req) at DgraphDotNet.DgraphClient.Query(Request req) at DgraphDotNet.Transactions.Transaction.QueryWithVars(String queryString, Dictionary`2 varMap)'}

I also add Grpc option like that:

var server = "xxxxx";
          CurrentClient.Connect(server, ChannelCredentials.Insecure, new[]{
        new ChannelOption(ChannelOptions.MaxSendMessageLength ,2147483647),
        new ChannelOption(ChannelOptions.MaxReceiveMessageLength , 2147483647)

AND on Program.cs

            services.AddGrpc().AddServiceOptions<DgraphDotNet.IDgraphClient>(options =>
                options.EnableDetailedErrors = true;
                options.ReceiveMaxMessageSize = 2147483647;
                options.SendMaxMessageSize = 2147483647;


But still facing with this trouble
Everyone, please help me.
Thank all