Refused to connect "desc= transport, connection refused"

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Connection refused
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Dgraph metadata

``` connection , err := grpc.Dial(":9080", grpc.WithInsecure()) if err != nil { fmt.Println("Error:", err) return Visitors{}, &api.Response{}, err }
defer connection.Close()

client :=  dgo.NewDgraphClient(api.NewDgraphClient(connection))
 but when alterschema as mention in docs it throws connection refused..

PASTE THE RESULTS OF `dgraph version` HERE.


This can be a lot of things. Please, share more details. Follow the template, it might help.
Also, are you using Cloud?

I’m not using cloud… Try to connect d-graph Docker image with my project. I verify connection & that is o-k, but when alter command execute it throws either connection closed or while dial t-c-p :9080

Without more context I can’t help. But looks like a typo from the sound of it.

Connection refused because grpc want access 9080 port but dockerfile doesn’t expose port that why connection refused. Now the issue both grpc & d-graph run side by side. Thankyou for help