Release notes v0.7.6

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  • Mathematical operations on value variables.
  • Support for facet vars, deriving UIDs from value vars. @ashwin95r do we have example for this in docs?
  • Support for S P * and S * * deletion. @ashwin95r please add docs
  • Support for expand_all. @ashwin95r docs please
  • Support for aggregating over levels. Need docs


  • Regex searches are now faster with support for trigram indexing.
  • Parallelize full scan by using multiple iterators.
  • Change function name. geq => gq, leq => le
  • Additional filtering to ensure returned values match language specified in function invocation.
  • Support alias for var and aggregation functions.
  • Support for adding facets using Go client.


  • Fix cascade with ordering.
  • Fixes to full text search used with multiple languages.
  • Fixes in RDF parsing (throw error if type not identified)
  • Allow only one sortable index per predicate
  • Return error if attribute is not indexed and used in functions.
  • Normalize directive returns all unique paths in a subgraph.
  • Fix missing port in address issue #837.
  • Fix issue with applyOrderAndPagination #889.
  • Couldn’t parse facet value, issue #826.
  • Bugs related to string quoting, issue #862.
  • Retrieve facets for predicate with language, issue #878.

@core-devs feel free to modify the above to make the feature/bugfix/improvement more clear.

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