Run Dgraph embedded in application (go package/library)

Hello -new to Dgraph - and after going through the docs, I’ve not found a clear answer as to whether it’s possible to run Dgraph embedded in an application, as a go package/library? This would be for a single host instance.

I’ve only seen methods of accessing Dgraph via its HTTP interface. Is this possible? (Or planned?)

We’re getting rid of all our Cgo dependencies. We’re planning for that in v0.8 (release by end of March). With that release, Dgraph would become go-gettable.

We’ve been asked about doing an embedded Dgraph by quite a lot of people, seems like it’s something people want. So, we’ll add that functionality. Expect it in v0.8 as well.

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Thank you for the response! With Dgraph soon being embeddable and capable of FTS - it is really going to help.

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Thank you also.

Embedded makes things much easier.


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