Run multiple dgraph services on one server

How can run multiple dgraph on one server

Hi @Soultrans,

The question could be interpreted in two different ways.

  1. Running two different Dgraph clusters on a single server:
    This could be achieved by running two different Dgraph Zeros and atleast two different Dgraph Alphas on a server. Please ensure that separate directories for storing data and separate ports have been provided to both Dgraph Zeros and Dgraph Alphas so that they don’t interfere with each other in anyway. Also, ensure that proper dgraph zero instance has been linked using --zero flag for each dgraph alpha.

  2. Running two different Dgraph nodes (alphas or zeros) on a single server:
    To do this, run both the nodes (alphas or zeros) simultaneously on the server.

Let us know if you have any further questions or can share further details about your setup so that we can answer questions in more detail.



You can run multiple instances (zero and alpha) with the --port_offset option on a single machine, so that their port do not conflict. Use --zero to connect your alpha nodes to the right zero instances.