Set facets for array of edges

I’m sure I’m missing something basic here but searching has sent me no further than this link:

That link covers adding a facet to a predicate, but my question is how to do the same for an edge that links to an array, which is to say a separate facet for each triplet in the array?

Specifically I want to link to a collection of nodes, and for each edge to have a “count” facet

Oops, I’m an idiot. It’s very simple.

The first thing I had tried had a typo, hence the confusion, but it was actually the right thing to do. If anyone cares, you do the same as what is said in the link in my previous post, but for each item in the array. Like so:

  "set": {
    "uid": "0x4eae",
    "items": [
        "uid": "0x29",
        "items|count": 2
        "uid": "0x44",
        "items|count": 1
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