Shortest Path and/or UID via GraphQL API?

I know the GraphQL api is still a work in progress, but I am curious if it will have the shortest path functionality that the GraphQL +/- query language has?

In the meantime, is there a way that I can the uid of particular nodes via the GraphQL API so that I can use those uids in the path function? For example if I have a type:

# name is an id to make it globally unique, 
# so there is only 1 name and 1 uid combination. 
# if there is a better way of doing this please let me know.
type Entity {
    name: String @id

The GraphQL API would expose a queryEntity query function, and it seems that Dgraph assigns a node a uid. However, I cannot seem to pull off the uid property from the queryEntity query.

query {
    queryEntity() {
         uid # <-- causes an error as it is not a property on type Entity.

I can use the GraphQL +/- queries to get the uid’s then pipe those into the shortest path function, but I am curious if that internal node uid will be exposed via GraphQL? or Maybe I am setting up the types inccorectly? Thank you!

shortest-path is not yet supported, as are many of the features that exist only in gql + -. Most of these features are being planned for after April, to start working on them.

I’m not sure only @michaelcompton or @pawan can say. But I think that if you had in that Type the predicate “uid” it should work theoretically.

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