Should the server binary be renamed dgraph?

I was surprised that the server binary is named exactly that, server, and not dgraph.
Is there a reason for this that I’m not aware of?

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Good point. I’ve been thinking on and off about it. But just never got around to it. Agree, we should name it dgraph.

I just saw that this has been changed on master. Do you also think that the client example binary should be renamed from example to dgraph-client? (or something similar)

Other candidates for renaming: uidassigner, loader, dlist, merge

You might want to check out how the MongoDB project have organized their command line tools:

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@ashwin95r: Can you look into this, and ensure we set up the right naming.

I suppose, we could call our loader, uidassigner: dg-loader, dg-assigner, etc.

Shall we come up with the names for these? @core-devs

loader : dgraphloader
uidassigner : dgraphassign
client : dgraphclient

or should we go with prefixing dg-?

Like the dgraphloader, dgraphassigner,… more.

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Your call @ashwin95r. You’re the DM! :sunny:

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Another thing to note: It is quite common to have a cmd/ directory in the root of your Go project, with all binaries. Eg: cmd/<commandname>/main.go

Some examples:

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