Show all shortest path(k>1) by parameter

Dgraph R&D partners:
In the process of data analysis, when analyzing the minimum path of two nodes (k>1), only one shortest path is currently supported (if there are two or more identical paths, random phenomena will occur at this time), I suggest that we add one more parameter, for example: shows: The default is 1, the user can choose the relevant nodes of the shortest path number to be returned according to their needs. This can greatly improve the usability of dgraph through the ratel interface during data analysis. Otherwise, the user will query the database again based on the returned data and reconstruct the result node relationship graph (this is actually a resource loss for the database). For example, as shown in the figure below, I need to analyze all the nodes in the graph, but only Display the node information of a shortest path. If you want to analyze it, you need to query again according to the node according to _path_


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