description: Error received from peer grpc_message:unauthorized ip address

I wanted to have a quick look at DGraph. I started with the example at pydgraph/examples/simple at master · dgraph-io/pydgraph · GitHub

Created virtualenv with python 3.8 on MS-Windows 10.
pip installed the requirements.txt
Created the compose.yml file and ran docker-compose up

Then ran and got the following error.

(base) PS C:\Users\rnwol\Downloads\dgraph-windows-amd64>  & 'c:\Users\rnwol\Downloads\dgraph-windows-amd64\.venv\Scripts\python.exe' 'c:\Users\rnwol\.vscode\extensions\ms-python.python-2020.8.103604\pythonFiles\lib\python\debugpy\launcher' '54528' '--' 'c:\Users\rnwol\Downloads\dgraph-windows-amd64\' 
Error: <_InactiveRpcError of RPC that terminated with:
        status = StatusCode.UNKNOWN
        details = "unauthorized ip address:"
        debug_error_string = "{"created":"@1598363513.454000000","description":"Error received from peer ipv6:[::1]:9080","file":"src/core/lib/surface/","file_line":1062,"grpc_message":"unauthorized ip address:","grpc_status":2}"

When I run dgraph-ratel.exe I get a UI and it is connected to a server at localhost:8080 as I see a green tick.
Maybe there is some security-related issue that needs to be addressed in order to to work?

I have pydgraph==20.3.1 installed.

When I open the Ratel-UI I see

Access Control
Error fetching ACL data: "{\"message\":\"resolving queryUser failed because unauthorized ip address:\",\"locations\":[{\"line\":3,\"column\":17}]}"

Problem solved

I updated my docker-compuse.yml file and added a whitelist argument

    command: dgraph alpha --whitelist --my=server:7080 --lru_mb=2048 --zero=zero:5080 is the IP address docker has given the server. This might be different on your computer.

It will most probably be good to make a note of this in

I see that there is a suggestion here to use a shell script to create a network for the docker containers and then pass that info to docker-compose to allow admin access.

This should be referenced in the github file.

Thank you for bringing this up. I have converted it to a documentation ticket.

I’m not sure this suggested docker-compose.yml file is ideal, because it relies on an environment variable. Perhaps a .env file could be used to avoid the warnings when the compose file is read, but I would not be comfortable having this solution in the readme, as it can confuse a user who doesn’t know how to use docker compose.

I am currently using MS-Windows as my primary dev environment, after using Ubuntu for many years, so it might also be good to get an approach that works in the Powershell world as well.

PR: docs: Add information about whitelist IPs by rahulgurnani · Pull Request #154 · dgraph-io/pydgraph · GitHub