Single predicate sharded across groups

I would most-definitely like to see the Single predicate sharded across groups solved in 2020.

Also, an idea for a TBD feature - I’d like to see support towards general graph algorithms, such as Similarity, Centrality (Who’s the center of a network given a set of nodes), and Paths (Shortest path between two people). I find this is one gaping hole when comparing DGraph to Neo4j.

Thanks for the consideration!

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That won’t make the 2020 cut. But, we would most likely plan to work on it in 2021.

Which one, the predicate sharding, or the algorithms?


I was talking about the predicate across groups.

For graph algorithms, we already have shortest path. Similarity and Centrality and such – we don’t have any plans to add those. They can be built on top of Dgraph.

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Thanks for the update!