Skip or Include DQL


Is there anything similar to the @skip and @include directive in DQL?



But you can use pagination (first/offset) coupled with ordering (orderasc/ orderdesc) to achieve skipping. Also you can use filters to filter specific things out.

Both include and skip directive has a specific behavior in the query. I don’t think that pagination or sorting fits well. In general, it is based on a bool value that comes in the GraphQL variables.

I think that in DQL would be cool to have it. As we could mix DQL vars and value variables to decide whether or not to return a block or a nested one. For example, combine the Password function with the Skip directive. It would reduce some code in the server-side or lambda side if using DQL there.

See this discussion


Ok, it seems like there was no request for it back then…
Amm about features requests, maybe you can open a channel for it since messages and pools are disappearing on the mainstream quickly