Slash Explorer Feedback

This is very low priority, just wanted to mention it in passing.

I got a screen record for feedback on the Slash API Explorer. When I am typing a query in the GraphiQL and type out {queryContact(filter:{id:[" it changes it to

  queryContact(filter: {id: "\""})

The auto closing of the brackets is expected, but the conversion of the array to string and escaping the quote is not user friendly.

And it puts my focus then in the Explorer so when I backspace to try to correct I have to go click back in the GraphiQL query box where I want to be instead. The only way I found around this is to just close the Explorer Box.

This is probably more problematic for new users who do not know that the input here should be an array or it will throw an error:

“Internal Server Error - a panic was trapped. This indicates a bug in the GraphQL server. A stack trace was logged. Please let us know by filing an issue with the stack trace.”

This was with a valid id in that string instead of the "\""

I believe this is fixed in master but at least not in my current version on Slash v20.11.0-11-gb36b4862