Slash GraphQL introspection response broken by last update...?

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Slash GraphQL

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Steps to reproduce the issue (command/config used to run Dgraph).

Run an introspectionQuery using getIntrospectionQuery from the graphql npm package.

From the resulting json, try to use graphql-codegen or use apollo vscode plugin. Both will fail.

Apollo GraphQL fails with the following:

Error in “Loading schema for dgraph”: Error: Invalid or incomplete schema, unknown type: Subscription. Ensure that a full introspection query is used in order to build a client schema.

Seems like a recent update added Subscriptions and that broke a few things.

At the same time, the API Explorer in the Slash GraphQL’s intellisense is also broken, and I think this is probably related to the same problem… GraphiQL probably can’t infer a client side schema.

Expected behaviour and actual result.

Introspection to work, so that client side schemas can be used to codegen, power Apollo VS Code plugin, and for intellisense in Slash GraphQL’s API explorer to work.

This bug has already been fixed in the release and master branches after this commit. @Sankalan13 what version of Dgraph is deployed for Slash users?