Snap install dgraph

Hello all,

Dgraph is now available as a snap, which means you can install it on any Linux distribution that has snapd available (it’s pre-installed in Ubuntu):

sudo snap install dgraph

This will get the daemon up and running already (http://localhost:8080). This is the released upstream binaries, not rebuilt.

The snap is strictly confined, which means the commands and the daemon will not have access to the filesystem in your machine other than what is explicitly allowed.

If you’re not familiar with snaps, the snap is mounted read-only under:


and the data will be available at


Note that the default channel is latest/stable and snaps automatically update, so if there is a new version of dgraph, you’ll get it automatically.

Things I need to do next:

  • Implement data migration on updates
  • Support snap configuration for tuning (snap get/set)
  • Commit snapcraft.yaml into the tree so we can get automatic builds daily onto the edge channel

Hey @niemeyer

Thanks a lot for this. This is pretty cool. Could you guide me on how to set it up in a way where it upgraded automatically when we do a new release?


It will always upgrade automatically on the “latest/stable” channel, which is the default one. So anyone doing “snap install dgraph” will get the snap automatically updated as soon as the new version is released, and all you need on the serving end is to actually build and release the snap, which is pretty easy and quick.

The only problem we’ve got at the moment is data migration. We need to properly dump and restore the data across updates with incompatible storage, so that we don’t automatically replace a working instance by a non-working one. I got started on that, but got blocked on the fact exporting is currently broken if values include newlines. That prevents 0.8.2 from going out. I’ll look into it again in 0.8.3.

Once we have snaps basically working, I’d be happy to hand off control of the snap to you so that you can upload the releases yourself so people get the updates right away.


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