Some indices are corrupted after dgraph server restart

an example node in the database:
name: “foo”
age: “50”
gender: “male”

After rolling update (kubernetes) that increases the memory configuration from 3GB to 6GB a query that looks for a person that with a filter age equals “50” failed, but a query that searches for a person named “foo” works and the result contains age: “50”.

Since I have a load balancer in front of all dgraph server, a query that looks for a person with filter gender=“male” sometimes returns results about 50% of the time.
That indicates the index “gender” are corrupted in half of the pods.

Any clue about it?

That’s strange. We’ll need some information about this to reproduce this. Whats your setup like? Are you sure that all your servers are running dgraph/dgraph:master image and not latest?

yes, I am using image dgraph/dgraph:master. It’s quite complicated to reproduce. I will see if I can isolate the problematic part.

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