Some trouble with the final query

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Posted by thewisewolfHoro:

Like below,I get a at last.
I tried run the query part separately, it will work and I can get the correct result, and the data was successfully insert into the database.I hope some one can help me to explain that. XD

`Created person named “Alice” with uid = 0x8e

All created nodes (map from blank node names to uids):
blank-0 => 0x8e
blank-1 => 0x8f
blank-2 => 0x90
blank-3 => 0x91

{ all: }
Number of people named “Alice”: 0


paulftw commented :

Closing the issue as it doesn’t have a code sample to reproduce and has been stale for quite some time.

Feel free to post it as a question in our community forums or re-open if more details are available.