Stream data out of dgraph

I am looking for the data change/streaming adaptor for the dgraph to destinations like postgres, mysql, kafka.

My use case is to have dgraph data directly injected into the search solutions like typesense. Currently there seems to be no options for doing it rather than manually managing it.

can someone please help here?

You’re talking about two different things. Typesense can get data in a search fields by using the keyup parameter to fetch data each time a user types something. This is not realtime.

Realtime would be used for a chat app, notification system, or live page. Dgraph has GraphQL Subscriptions for this.


Sorry, but you got the question wrong. Like mentioned above, I am looking for the streaming/CDC solution to sink the change events into destinations like postgres/kafka/typesense.

Anyways, I have found the solution, its here.

I sounds like you meant populate the typesense database. Another option is to only use graphql for mutations, and use webhooks to update the database.

This is important for those not on Dgraph Enterprise.