String operations in query


we are using Dgraph now since several months and we keep running into the issue / need that we would like to either hardcode a value or do string operations before we return.

Example 1: FullName : Concat(person.FirstName, person.LastName)
Example 1: PrefixedName: Concat($var1, person.LastName)

Is there currently a possiblity to achieve this?
If not is something like this on the roadmap for DQL?


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No way to do this now in pure DQL, yes it is on the roadmap, no I do not think it will be done any time soon based on recent feature velocity. (note: I am not a dgraph employee, so maybe they would have more insight)

See roadmap here:

  • String transformation functions
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That roadmap is no longer valid. We have been crossing our fingers to get a new one for 2022.


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@hardik is there going to be an update to the 2021 Roadmap or even better by when will we see a 2022 Roadmap?