Submit your Dgraph swag idea!

Use this topic to let us know what cool Dgraph swag you want to see in our upcoming store! :wink:

A gopher plush with a dgraph tshirt
A diggy plush

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Swag ideas:

  1. Dgraph sticker pack – Laptop sticker with our favourite Diggy in different poses.
  2. Dgraph fridge magnets – Similar to laptop stickers but on metal with a magnet.
  3. Dgraph Tees – Dark and Light theme (so that I can alternate on our stand-up calls :slight_smile: )
  4. Dgraph infant onesie – I feel it’s a good time to introduce that :slight_smile: CC: @mrjn
  5. Diggy figurine to help in rubber-duck debugging
  6. Dgraph activity book (adult coloring/sketching book)
  7. Dgraph small/slim task pad (Check one which google has)

water bottle, baseball hat, lunch box, gym bag, cell phone chargers, mint boxes, pens :slight_smile:


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