The data storage model of dgraph?

compare the data structure between Dgraph ,neo4j, janus graph

this days, I do some research about these graph in data structure.

the data storage model of neo4j

The node records contain only a pointer to their first property and their first relationship (in what is oftentermed the _relationship chain). From here, we can follow the (doubly) linked-list of relationships until we find the one we’re interested in, the LIKES relationship from Node 1 to Node 2 in this case. Once we’ve found the relationship record of interest, we can simply read its properties if there are any via the same singly-linked list structure as node properties, or we can examine the node records that it relates via its start node and end node IDs. These IDs, multiplied by the node record size, of course give the immediate offset of both nodes in the node store file.

the data storage model of janus graph

1.JanusGraph is stored as an adjacency list, which means that the graph is stored as a collection of vertices in the adjacency list. The vertex adjacency list contains the edges of all points (outgoing and incoming, containing edge attributes) and the corresponding attributes of the vertex.
2.JanusGraph maintains each vertex in the adjacency list in a sort order defined by the sort order of the sort keys and side labels. Sorting order allows efficient retrieval of a subset of the adjacency list using a vertex centered index

####What is the data storage model for dgraph
I’m very interested in dgraph. You want to take the data storage model into account when deciding which database to use as project support. Is it convenient to tell dgraph’s data storage model? My email is [email protected]. Looking forward to your reply

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I believe We gonna have a blog post regards to this soon.

I am looking forward to seeing it

if you write this blog, can you tell me?

Of course, but I don’t know when it will be published.
Manish intends to make a post that includes what you want,
but is not specific about it. A copy will appear here in Discuss.

I’ll ping you. If you don’t see it before.


Hello, any update on this? Very interested.

Look for the whitepaper on the main website. It details posting lists there and more of the what and how.

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Yes, the paper cover that Paper – Dgraph | GraphQL Cloud Platform

I thought that time that we would post a Blog post for this, but end up that the Paper was the document for those questions.

But if you are talking about data modeling, I think we have some blog post or video for this.