The latest on deep (cascading?) mutations/deletions via GraphQL

Looking for efficient GraphQL mutation format to delete something along the lines of: Author (id 123) and all of that author’s Posts (and potentially other nested item types within Posts, such as Media…).

I see year old posts on here which seem to come to the conclusion that it’s not possible via a single, cascading GraphQL mutation. So questions:

  1. Has this changed since a year ago?

  2. What is the best non-DQL, GraphQL-only way to go about this on Dgraph Cloud?

A) Is it to delete each type separately and specify each and every node id? Author {id: 123} and Posts [{id: 234}, {id: 567}…] and Media[{id:789},{id:0123]…?

B) Is it to delete each type separately: Delete Media filtered where associated Posts = [{id: 234}, {id: 567}…] and Delete Posts filtered where associated Author = {id: 123} and Delete Author {id: 123}…?

Ah yes, looks like Dgraph still does not allow deep filtering so it seems B is not possible.

C) Or is there now a deep/cascading method for mutations?


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Currently there is no way to do this in Dgraph except manually. This includes dql and graphql.

I have proposed a Reference Directive which mimics SQL’s


However, Dgraph has not shown any interest in adding this basic foreign key feature in the future.

For the moment, you can only emulate this with a delete and update Lambda Webhook. This is basically an After (add/delete/update) Trigger Function.


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OK, thank you Jonathan.