Thoughts on Administrative Management of Dgraph?

Being a fellow DevOps hobbyist who enjoys tinkering with Dgraph, your insights hold a special kind of value. Today, I’m reaching out to fellow enthusiasts like you to share your experiences with the administrative side of Dgraph, such as tasks like binary backups.

As someone who finds joy in getting hands-on with DevOps, you understand how the administrative aspects play a crucial role in keeping things running smoothly. Administrative operations like binary backups are like our safety net, ensuring that data integrity and recovery strategies are rock solid. Your perspective could open up new avenues for making these processes even smoother.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the following?

  1. User-Friendliness: How would you describe the ease of managing administrative tasks such as binary backups? Are there any pain points or challenges you’ve encountered?
  2. Automation: Have you explored automating processes like binary backups or exports? If so, what tools or strategies have you found effective? If not, is there a reason you’ve chosen manual management?
  3. Monitoring: How do you monitor the success of operations like binary backup? Are there specific tools or indicators you rely on to ensure operations like backups are completed successfully?
  4. Suggestions for Improvement: Based on your experience, what enhancements or features would you find beneficial in the administrative management of Dgraph, especially pertaining to binary backups and online restore?

Furthermore, I’m curious to learn about any experiences involving the utilization of the REST API, such as the endpoint /admin/backup, and any experiences transitioning to GraphQL API?

Thank you for contributing to the vibrant DevOps ecosystem within the Dgraph community.

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I have nightly exports and it was pretty straight forward setting up a Kubernetes cron job to do the task. Being able to automatically backup to the cloud (I’m using S3) is great! I haven’t tried binary backups because I don’t have an enterprise license.

It would be nice to add the “# Dgraph.Authorization” line to the admin api, I’m not really a fan of having the JWT verification key in the schema file.

Agree. Your feedback is added to our roadmap tool (BTW we are using ‘Cycle’ now to track all feedbacks, so it will help us set priorities). Having GraphQL authorization set by an API different from the schema upload is a recurrent need. Thanks.