Try to resolve slow iterator seek with preifx in some condition

When I was trying to change the db engine to badgerdb in some of my projects, I found the iterator Seek with prefix was pretty slow in the following situation:

  • lots of keys we were seeking with prefix didn’t exist
  • lots of keys have lots of versions

Then I use pprof to found out the iterator was still running parseItem even if the current key was not match the prefix.

So I fix this by skipping the parseItem process when the current key is not match the prefix.

pr : Improve Iterator Performance of Seeking with Prefix by zzyalbert · Pull Request #1719 · dgraph-io/badger · GitHub

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when keys in badger has lots of versions, then iterator.Seek a prefix that didn’t exist.
It was quite slow in compare with leveldb, even in minuts total when seeking 30000 non-existent prefix

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