Turning off Slack signups

Hey all,

We’re turning off Slack signups temporarily. See Should we continue to support Discourse AND Slack? for more details.

We’re available here on Discourse, so please use this forum and ask your questions here.



My two cents

I personally actively refuse to use Slack because of their login system. Thinking back, its the main reason I chose not to use Prisma on a previous project (including one I’m using Dgraph with instead now). They would constantly push questions I had on Twitter to Slack. I don’t even use the YC Slack, I find the login system THAT inconvenient.

Discord > Slack for real time communication in every way (and free!).
Discourse / Notion / Github Issues / Anything (even email) > Slack for organising or storing anything you want to find in future.

If i was to get exactly what I personally wanted it would be the following:

  • Discourse being officially supported.
  • Discord community without official support which pipes all Discourse updates though a bot to channels representing the different categories.

how can we join the discord channel?

There’s no discord channel.

This is it, discourse forum is everything you’ll ever need!


You’ve joined and are looking at it now :slight_smile: (http://discuss.dgraph.io).

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