Ubuntu Server PPA

Is there an appetite both from users and from the Dgraph project to offer install from an Ubuntu/Debian PPA? This would be similar to the type of PPA repository maintained by

This would mean to install on Ubuntu, one would add the keyring, then PPA, then run the appropriate apt install dgraph or whatever is deemed appropriate.

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This is something we have discussed before. I am wondering what would be delivered. For example, we could have something that delivers the binary, and something else that can add init scripts, similar to the zookeeper package. I am curious how Elastic Search does it, as they are a distributed cluster as well.

cc. @MichelDiz

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This is, IMO, unnecessary complexity to maintain. You can install Dgraph just fine with the install script. It is no-brainer.

PS. See GitHub - dgraph-io/Install-Dgraph: Dgraph installation scripts

Add more things to maintain. More repositories to keep an eye on. It’s something we don’t have the bandwidth.