UI for schema is broken

When I click into Schema, I can’t see the input boxes. I click around and go back into Schema and the input boxes show up for a bit and then disappears.

See video:
screenrecord4.mkv (88.2 KB)

Browser: Firefox 80.0.1
OS: Ubuntu something or rather
Tried: rebooting, restarting firefox… (I don’t have Chrome on my machine)

EDIT: works in chrome. Also I had to download Chrome. I don’t like Chrome on my machine.

This happens when the backend is down. Did you come to the schema page after changing the backend mode(readonly/GraphQL/flexible)?

yes. by accident.

Yes, then thats the problem. Ideally the mode change should not allow users to move around in the dashboard(sync) or somehow indicate user that their backend is down at the moment.
@Anurag looks like this needs to be fixed soon.

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Created a ticket: https://dgraph.atlassian.net/browse/GQLSAAS-689