Uid: [24387] cannot be greater than lease: [0]

(Jerry You) #1

hi, i want to know how bulk loader api do to avoid this exception, cause i want to write another api to load the exported rdf data. any ideas?

the data are like this:
<:uid35b3869> “777000636”^^xs:int .
:uid35b38ef> “777002156”^^xs:int .

it’s obvious that we have already had uid, but when i mutate this data, it causes the above exception.

how to let the dgraph to accept the uid ?

Become unable to execute mutation suddenly in write-heavy workload
(Jerry You) #2

i have some ideas, but the dgraph server had exception: UNAVAILABLE: Channel in TRANSIENT_FAILURE state. it means the server is down

(Jerry You) #3

a java bulk loader for dgraph

(Manish R Jain) #4

It looks like you’re using UIDs which are not handed out by Dgraph. You might be using unallocated UIDs (which you created), or you might have deleted Dgraph Zero’s folder.

(Jerry You) #5

i used data exported from dgraph,and i exactly delete zero folder

(Chenchuangwei6) #6

ip:6080/assign?what=uids&num=N, You should now N=0,Make N larger, N=10000000.