Unable to do DQL mutation from dgraph cloud

I wrote exactly the following from docs

  set {
    _:Julian <name> "Julian" .
    _:Julian <nickname> "Jay-Jay" (kind="first") .
    _:Julian <nickname> "Jules" (kind="official") .
    _:Julian <nickname> "JB" (kind="CS-GO") .

into the DQL mutations sections of a free dgraph cloud backend and it says

{1 item
errors:[1 item
0:{2 items
message:"Error parsing JSON at line 2, character 5: invalid character 's' looking for beginning of object key string "
extensions:{1 item

What am I missing?

There is a bug in Dgraph Cloud where it only accepts JSON dql format.


  1. Use JSON format
  2. Use Ratel for your query / mutation

@MichelDiz - Is this on the bug list? Should be very very easy to fix.