Unable to find any servers for group 1

We run the community edition of dgraph… 3 of our 6 servers it runs on were unexpectedly powered off for several hours. Upon restart of the servers we’re seeing alphas and zeros not start properly.

From an alpha we see this:

groupd.go:1181 Error during SubscribeForUpdates for prefix "\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x15dgraph.graphql.schema\x00": Unable to find any servers for grou: 1. closer err: <nil>
admin.go:857 namespace:0. Error reading GraphQL schema: Please retry again, server is not ready to accept requests.
CONNECTING to 10.x.x.2:5081  (zero)
CONNECTING to 10.x.x.3:5082  (zero)
Connected to group zero. Assigned group: 2
Raft Id after connection to Zero 0x4
CONNECTING to 10.x.x.3:5082  (zero)
CONNECTING to 10.x.x.1:7080 (alpha)
draft.go:1208 Found Raft progress: 102204895
groups.go:834 Starting a new membership stream receive from 10.x.x.3:5082
Received frist state update from Zero: counter:93288678 groups:<key:1 value<.....
Sending fatal event [hash] to ...
proto: Proposal: illegal tag 0 (wire type 0)


Does anyone recognize what the issue may be?